IA joins with leading UK-based system providers Evesham and Tranquil to launch computers ideal for organizations looking to reduce their Carbon Footprint

London, England, October 11, 2006 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced with partners Evesham Technology and Tranquil PC the world’s first Carbon Free Computers based on the ultra energy-efficient VIA C7®-D processor platform.

As awareness of the effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) on global warming grows, individuals, governments, and organizations are searching for ways to reduce their Carbon Footprint, demanding better energy efficiency and greater environmental awareness in the ICT products they purchase. To meet this growing demand VIA has joined with leading UK system integrators Tranquil PC and Evesham Technology to launch the world’s first Carbon Free personal computers, based on the VIA C7-D processor, the world’s first carbon free processor launched last month.

The Evesham Carbon3 and Tranquil PC systems such as the new T7 bring together ultra-energy efficient operation and the offset of the CO2 emissions produced from the operation of the systems over their lifetime through investment in UK-based projects in energy conservation, reforestation, and alternative energy.