Viewsonic’s VP2330wb is a monitor, plain and simple.  No HDTV connectors, no S-Video, no speakers, just a well designed 23″ TFT type LCD.  It boasts an 8ms grey to grey response time, 250-nit brightness, 800:1 contrast ratio and .258mm dot pitch, which DriverHeaven has found to be accurate, and not just a boast.  Read more about it in their full review.
‘It is amazing how fast things change in the world of PC components. Just 3 years ago I was quite happily running a 17inch screen with an Athlon XP 2600+, Geforce 5800 and 512mb (2x256mb) of memory and even using it as a review system here on DriverHeaven. Now this review system has a dual core CPU and 2 GB of ram, pretty much a standard configuration in the enthusiast community. It is fair to say that many users are still using a CRT with their system, so what exactly can a top of the range TFT bring to the table?’

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