SPCR seems to be a little enamoured of Seasonic’s M12 700W PSU.  It is very similar to the S12, but has modular cables and a second fan (60mm).  Unless the PSU hits 40C or higher, the second fan never turns on, and doesn’t really add any noise to the system.  With an efficiency that stays above 80% in normal operating situations, and less than 3% variance on the voltage, this system will be well at home in a power hungry dual core, dual video card system.
“Seasonic is going after the high end gaming market with the M12-700, a modular power supply that has everything: 80 Plus certification, 700W capacity, four PCI express connectors, and Seasonic’s excellent reputation for stability and low noise. Oh, and a >$200 price tag to match. Is there an M12 in your future?”

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