As it turned out, this was an even crazier weekend with the console releases than I had thought.  PS3 caused shootings and fights, while the Nintendo Wii seemed to in just as high demand, with slightly higher availability.  One thing that did irk me though was that EBGames (Gamestop), where I preordered my Wii, didn’t have the extra controllers, classic controllers, component cables or even the copy of Zelda I had ordered!  They apparently only got 3 copies in of Zelda, though they had preordered more than a dozen.  So I headed over to the Toys R Us across the street and found several Zelda games there, along with a handful of Wii Remotes; though still no nunchucks or classics.  How Nintendo could not be able to produce enough games for this launch is beyond me…

In other nerd news, I found out today that my home cable Internet access had been upgraded for free!  The letter claimed I was moving from 4 Mb down and 384 Kb up to 10 Mb down and 1 Mb up!  Sure that’s a marketing ploy…?

A Happy and Busy Thanksgiving Week - Editorial 2

Well, maybe not!  These results came from the very popular Speakeasy Speed Test.  Of course, latency hasn’t gotten any better, so gaming online won’t be drastically improved, but hopefully downloads will.  And consider that the local phone DSL service is 1.5 Mb down and 768 Kb up for the same price, I’d have to say this is a great deal.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but unfortunately I don’t get much off time as the likes of Asus, NVIDIA, AMD and others are keeping me busy through the holiday week.  What tragedy??  Do I really have to play with SLI 8800 GTX cards???  Yes, I know, sometimes this work seems a bit unfair.  🙂  Seriously though, I want to wish everyone who reads this and PC Perspective to have a very safe, full and happy Turkey day!