The 650W Akasa Power+ power supply is a high quality unit that delivers very solid DC outputs with minimal AC noise.  The unit is much heavier than most other power supplies with a similar output capacity.  Quad +12V rails, dual PCI-e connectors and a wealth of other connectors provide good compatibility and flexibility.  The Power+ is one of Akasa’s Performance Series power supplies and as such doesn’t offer the higher efficiency and quiet operation that some of the other Akasa units do.  If solid, reliable outputs are of primary interest and you can tolerate a little extra noise, then the Akasa Power+ 650W PSU is highly recommended.


The Akasa Power+ AK-P650FH power supply currently sells for $159.99 USD.


Akasa Power+ 650W Power Supply Review - Cases and Cooling 27



  • 650W output at up to 50ºC (710W peak)
  • Solid, stable voltages
  • Excellent build quality with industrial grade components
  • Quad +12V outputs up to 42A
  • Active PFC with universal AC input
  • Dual fans deliver excellent cooling
  • Lots of connectors
  • Black satin finish with sleeved cables



  • Above average fan noise
  • Longer chassis (180mm) may not fit inside some PC enclosures

I would like to thank our friends at Akasa for sending us the Power+ 650W power supply to review — thanks!  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price for an Akasa PSU or anything else you may want to buy. 

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