TAMPA, Fla. – NOVEMBER 14, 2006 – At the Supercomputing 2006 show today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) introduced the world’s first dedicated stream processor designed to meet the specific hardware demands of high-performance computing (HPC) applications. Engineered specifically for compute-only systems such as workstations and servers, the AMD Stream Processor(tm) makes use of AMD’s new thin hardware interface called CTM(tm) to drive substantial performance gains in areas such as financial analysis, seismic migration analysis, and life sciences research, among others. Stream computing leverages sophisticated massively parallel processors generally used to calculate and render millions of pixels onto computer monitors, hundreds of times each second for 3D graphics applications.

Stream computing harnesses that tremendous processing power for a wide range of scientific, business and consumer computing applications, providing organizations the ability to process incredible amounts of information in significantly less time.1 The AMD Stream Processor is the first hardware of its kind dedicated to addressing stream computing problems in the enterprise space.