The Asus-Lamborghini is an excellent laptop that is extremely well engineered from a design perspective. It’s very sturdy and ridgid ensuring it can withstand the rigours of daily use. The VX1’s sharp looks and high grade paint makes the laptop truly a work of art and I think it’s worthy to bear the Lamborghini badge.

The VX1 comes with a unique set of accessories including Lamborghini branded laptop case and sleeve, bluetooth mouse, and leather mouse pad. There is even a Lamborghini heritage booklet which makes you feel like you’re buying a piece of automotive history.

Asus Lamborghini VX1 Core 2 Duo Notebook Review - Mobile 71

However, the great design, desk appeal, and accessories come with a hefty price tag. The older 5E003P and 5E004P models retail for $2800 USD with a Core Duo T2500, so you can expect the 5E009P model (like the one we reviewed here today) with the Core 2 Duo T7400 to be priced higher initially.

Performance of the Asus VX1 we reviewed here today is impressive for all types of productivity work ranging from computations, office work, and professional modelling. The only aspect of the VX1 which is lacking is the game performance. With a GeForce Go 7400, you won’t be able to run the latest games well but at least it should be able to run Windows Vista just fine.

For some of you, you will balk at the premium price. It’s true that you can get a faster performing laptop for a bit less, but it won’t look nearly as good. The Asus-Lamborghini is all about making a statement and it doesn’t get any bolder than the VX1. If you have money and the craving for a laptop that will turn heads, the Asus-Lamborghini VX1 does that with extreme style.

Asus Lamborghini VX1 Core 2 Duo Notebook Review - Mobile 72

The Silver Award is bestowed on the Asus Lamborghini for it’s superior styling and excellent every-day performance. The price and poor game performance will turn many of you away, but for those looking for a unique laptop to call their own, this Lamborghini has your name on it.

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