The Tech Report gives a quick preview of the new Intel Quad-core Xeon processor.  Of the 4 models seen, the two running below 2GHz have a 1066MHz FSB, the two running above 2GHz give you a 1333MHz FSB.  Read on to see more about the Xeons, as well as a peek at a new Intel motherboard.
“INTEL CHOSE TO DEBUT its first quad-core processor on the desktop with the Core 2 Extreme QX6700, but quad-core’s most immediate potential lies with Xeon processors built for servers and workstations. There is no shortage of multithreaded code in the enterprise world, and plenty of applications—running either natively or on virtual machines—are ready to take advantage of additional processor cores. More is at stake in the enterprise world, too. There, higher performance does more than smooth out in-game frame rates and lower media encoding times; it can increase productivity, yield a competitive a competitive advantage, or reduce the time it takes to answer important scientific questions.”

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