The amount of changes and improvements in this card can’t really be described quickly, there are so many.  The bottom line is simply this … the only thing that can touch the 8800 is a pair of X1950XTX’s in Crossfire, nothing else can come close to this cards overall performance.  The Tech Zone is more than willing to tell you how nVIDIA accomplished this feat.

You should also read Ryan’s review at the top of the page.
“Nvidia seems to have fooled almost everybody. Turns out all of that talk about unified architectures not being necessary was just subterfuge. They’ve been working on a unified graphics architecture for four years now, and today, they’re unveiling the thing to the world—and selling it to consumers starting immediately. The graphics processor formerly known as G80 has been christened as the GeForce 8800, and it’s anything but a conventional GPU design. Read on for more detail than you probably need to know about it.”

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