As I sit here this morning, there are numerous people in my kitchen preparing a huge meal just for me…okay, for the rest of the family too, but I get to eat some of it!  I am definitely looking forward to a day a sitting on my butt and doing nothing but watching football on the big screen and maybe taking a drive in the car with the windows down and the heat on high. 

Now that doesn’t mean we are taking the WHOLE weekend off here at PC Perspective; in fact we have lots of stuff to do on Black Friday besides going shopping ta 5am; hopefully none of you are doing that anyway…  We have several reviews lined up for you and I have some articles pending on 8800 GTX SLI, PureVideo HD, a couple of new motherboards, and hopefully our latest editorial addtion will have some of his first work ready next week as well. 

But for today, I hope the rest of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving will take some time off to spend with your family (or with your TV) instead of slaving over any kind of work.  Happy Thanksgiving!