The SSI SI-1168SAS HDD-ROM is a mouthful, but a very handy one.  Easily installable in a 5.25″ bay and with a good locking system, it isn’t likely to walk away on you, and it will also extend the life of the drive with it’s 40mm fan.  Top that off with rubber feet to keep the noise down and it’s easy to see why Hi-tech reviews likes this device.
“Today we have the pleasure of reviewing the SSI SI-1168SAS HDD-ROM from SSI Computer Corporation, while the companies name may not be familiar I’m sure they will become well known once a few more people see how well this unit is made. Most normal mobile racka allow you to either connect your SATA or PATA drive to your computer while the SI-1168SAS HDD-ROM goes one step further and allows for Serial-Attached-SCSI connections as well. This is one unit that is indeed worth checking out.”

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