AnandTech reviews Patriot’s PDC22G8500ELK, with a pair of 1GB DDR2-1066 modules.  Based on Micron D chips, these modules can get up to 1092, but fail when pushed to 1100.  Overall, you get a good deal for your $350.
“Patriot is the brand name division of PDP, which is a huge memory manufacturer in Freemont, CA. We mention this only so you will understand that Patriot is likely already making some of the high-end memory names you know and trust. For that reason, the Patriot brand already comes with a built-in confidence and trust of specifications that are rarely warranted by little-known memory brands. Patriot may not be a brand that is widely recognized, but it is manufactured using similar testing procedures and controls of high-end memory brands you do know and trust.

With a speed rating of DDR2-1066 – one of the highest rated speeds we have seen – and a manufacturer well-known in the high-end OEM memory industry, expectations were high for Patriot DDDR2-1066. The current price of $375 for a 2GB kit of DDR2-1066 made it that much more attractive for buyers weary of super-high memory prices. The big question, then, is whether the Patriot PDC22G8500ELK lived up to those expectations?”

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