PC Mechanic takes a look at the recent history of the CPU, starting around the turn of the millennium.  Back in the heady days when Intel’s BX chipset ruled the world, until AMD managed to break 1.0 GHz first.  They also include a link to a previous article discussing the more distant past.
“A brief history of this article…The original article (the “prequel”) was written by former PC Mechanic Editor-in-Chief and Forum Administrator Matthew A. Dockter. Authored back in March 2001, an otherwise boring history of microprocessor manufacturers’ marketing schemes and developing technologies was written in an informal, enjoyable story-plot style. As it was long overdue for a revision, I decided to write Part II, picking up with the development of the K7 AMD Athlons. While I tried to cover many important moves from the chip giants, unfortunately, I could not cover everything in the scope of this article.”

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