Believe it or not, seven years have passed since we first started serving web pages to the world here at TR. Since then, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of change and growth. It’s taken some time, but we have essentially reached our initial goals of growing a successful publication devoted to core PC hardware and building a solvent business that can support our inclination to play around with such PC hardware all day. I’m constantly grateful for that fact. I’m also proud of the quality of the news and reviews we now produce with regularity, and I’m sometimes amazed that we’ve been able to take this thing as far as we have without altering our basic focus and formula. Of course, we now have a larger staff now and bigger goals to accomplish, but seven years seems like a significant milestone to us, so we’re going to have a celebration during the course of the next week or so, leading up to our official “birthday” on November 8.

We have you all, our readers, to thank for our success, so we’ve decided to give back to you during this celebration by awarding a prize to one lucky reader each weekday through next Tuesday, November 7. We figure you deserve some loot for putting up with us all of these years. The prizes will be awarded according to various criteria, some based on community involvement and others by random selection. If you want to be eligible to win one of the prizes awarded by random selection, please read the rules below and fill out the sign-up form.