The Thermaltake Mozart Tx is a very unique case.  It’s big, bad, and beautiful.  The Mozart Tx is one of the most versatile enclosures on the market and offers many options and great flexibility for countless different applications.  In addition to its large size and cube shape, the Mozart Tx can actually house two independent systems (assuming one of them is Micro ITX).  The all-aluminum front bezel provides clean, elegant styling and the case can be fitted with side windows for a custom look.


The four separate compartments provide plenty of room for mounting components and the system is well designed for adding a water-cooling system.  With the option for mounting up to ten 120mm fans (five included) the Tx can be transformed into a small wind tunnel or provide excellent case cooling with multiple, low speed fans for very quiet computing.


My only two minor complaints both involve hinged doors.  First, I hope that future versions of the Mozart Tx will allow the hinged side panel doors to be easily removed.  And second, I would like to see the pop-off front bezel be converted to a hinged door.  (I know, you just can’t please everyone… 🙂


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Thermaltake Mozart Tx Entertainment Center Case Review - Cases and Cooling 57

Thermaltake Mozart Tx Entertainment Center Case Review - Cases and Cooling 58


The Thermaltake Mozart Tx VE1000 Series enclosures are currently available from Newegg and range in price from $219.99 to $249.99 USD.  Here are links to the VE1000BNS for $219, VE1000BWS for $229, VE1000SNA for $239 and the VE1000SWA for $249.



  • Unique size and cube shape provides excellent versatility
  • Clean lines, elegant styling, aluminum construction
  • Houses two PCs in one chassis: (1) ATX/BTX and (1) Mini ITX
  • Special 7′ drive bay for use with retractable LCD monitor
  • Independent Thermal Chambers for optimal thermal management
  • Plenty of room for one or more liquid cooling systems
  • Excellent airflow and cooling
  • Provisions for ten 120mm fans (five included)
  • 7 Exposed drive bays and 6 internal bays with removable HDD cage
  • Side panels available with or without double windows
  • Numerous options: 7′ LCD monitor, Media Lab, Mini ITX, BTX conversion kit


  • Side-panel doors are not removable
  • Front bezel not easily removed for access to intake fan filters
  • 7′ Bay LCD touch screen display not yet available

The size and shape of the Mozart Tx probably won’t appeal to everyone, but for those enthusiasts who are looking for a large, versatile case the Mozart Tx is sure to be a winner.  For its unique features and excellent versatility, the Thermaltake Mozart Tx case is awarded the PCPerspective Silver Award.


Thermaltake Mozart Tx Entertainment Center Case Review - Cases and Cooling 59


Thermaltake Mozart Tx Entertainment Center Enclosure


I would like to thank our friends at Thermaltake for sending us the Mozart Tx enclosure to review — thank you!  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price for a Mozart Tx or anything else you may want to buy! 


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