The hype surrounding Gears of War seems a little less than that which surrounded Daikatana and hints of a new Duke Nukem release, but not by much.  At least it made it to stores, which means Ars Technica has a chance to review it
“The problem with hype is that you start to believe it. Once that happens, you’re not going to be happy with a game that’s merely great. That’s why it was frustrating to play Gears of War. After being told time and time again that this was going to be the best thing since sliced bread, that this was going to look just as good—if not better—than anything on the PS3, my expectations were so high as to make almost anything less a disappointment. After adding in the trailer using the Donnie Darko track “Mad World,” even a great game won’t be enough. I’m expecting an experience.

Fortunately, Gears of War lives up to most of these things, but the actual act of playing was much different than what I expected.”

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