This week on the forums, a member’s computer appeared to have been taken over by a special effect from the Matrix, and now all his games and even his desktop display his video card’s cries of pain.  Another member is having some issues with installing WinXP on a RAID-0 on an A8N-SLI after a BIOS update.  Even just a quick visit to our storage forum, and BWM will teach you more about hard drives than you may have thought possible.  A very popular use of our forums is to get help when you are building a new system with a limited budget, most of us have been through that before.  You can also join in on a discussion that is sure to generate some notice, as Ryan has discovered some odd behaviour from ATI cards at high resolutions.  Linux fans can benefit from our Linux forum, and the 5 knowledgeable mods, for instance you might have just decided to install CentOS and want a little help along the way. 

Of course, you can still just skip all that and head to The Lightning Round, I hear there’s a great discussion on about the total lack of an internet connection at the UN’s internet summit.