Sure it’s not 14 terabits asec, but it’s not over fiber.  Ars Technica reports on a company that managed 100Gb on exisiting 10 Gb cable already laid in the ground!
“Researchers at a California company have conducted the first successful tests of 100 gigabit per second Ethernet. Using a 4,000km fiber network for a demonstration at the Super Computing Show in Tampa this week, Infinera transmitted a 100Gbps Ethernet signal from Tampa to Houston and back again.

Infinera’s demonstration used existing 10Gbps infrastructure to carry the 100Gbps signal. The 100Gbps signal was sliced and diced into ten 10Gbps streams which were then transmitted across Level 3’s network. Infinera uses a proposed 100Gbps specification they came up with that guarantees the ordering of the packets and quality of the signal when transmitted across current 10Gbps infrastructure.”

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