HotHardware reviews a pair of NAS boxes from QNAP.  The  TS-101 can function as a print server, as well as handling one drive, either ATA or SATA.  The TS-201 can’t handle SATA, but it does fit a pair of drives, up to 1.5 Tb and it can do RAID 1 and 0.
“If you think any of your readers may be in the market for some type of NAS device, an article we’ve just posted up at HotHardware will be of interest. We’ve just put up an article that details the features, installation, and performance of a pair of Linux-based, barebones NAS servers, the QNAP Turbo Station TS-101 and TS-201. These little boxes not only add storage to a network, but incorporate standalone BitTorrent functionality, internet Radio support, and a multitude of other features.”

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