Audio Performance and Quality

RightMark Audio Analyzer

This test attempts to quantify the sound quality from an audio card by passing it on to a secondary sound card for evaluation.  Our test setup passed the audio from the on-board sound to a PCI Creative Labs X-Fi card in order to complete the loop. 

Rather than bring in 7 graphs for each audio card tested, I decided to include RightMark’s results that are in ‘just plain English’ rather than the complete audiophile numbers. 

Abit AB9 Pro 965P Motherboard Review - Motherboards  1


Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB:

+0.17, -0.54


Noise level, dB (A):



Dynamic range, dB (A):



THD, %:


Very good

IMD + Noise, %:


Very good

Stereo crosstalk, dB:


Very good

IMD at 10 kHz, %:


Very good

 General performance: Good

The HD audio came up with decent results here. No cracking or stuttering was discerned during playback. If you are of the serious gaming crowd, an expansion card solution is still the preferred choice to onboard sound. The casual gamer, music listener and movie watcher would be satisfied with this solution.

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