The gang at HardOCP has come out with some claims of having some problems with NVIDIA 680i chipset based motherboards.  It seems that the issues stem from storage incompatibilities and present the user with some way-fun BSODs (blue screen of death).  With valuable data like images, videos and music being stored on your PC, there is absolutely ZERO room for error in this type of field. 

Later, it seems that HardOCP got a new BIOS from NVIDIA that MIGHT be fixing the issue, but a lot more research is required to make sure the fix is complete. 

We have been holding off a week or so on addressing this in hopes that we would have some solutions or answers for you, but those have not come forth. Some of the nForce 680i motherboards have some serious storage issues that can render a system build useless. Not all nForce 680i boards exhibit this problem. The problem does not seem to be confined to certain system configurations as some motherboards will work with a specific configuration while others will not.