The Inquirer seems to have gotten the smell of a new rumor that ATI/AMD might be moving high end graphics configurations OUTSIDE of your case into another one in order to improve heat issues….do we really need this??

This brings the story back around to separate cases with one for CPU/memory/drives and one for graphics. It would solve a lot of problems. Separate power, separate cooling, plenty of space, etc. And AMD has already worked with Cray amongst others on using a HyperTransport link direct from the CPUs to external boxes. It’s not like the small amount of latency there would matter; it’s bandwidth that counts when connecting to graphics.

Rumours of separate cases for graphics regularly pop up but this time they’ve been a bit more sticky and detailed. It could be nothing. Maybe it is just a rumour. Or it could just be a bit of R&D that’s going to be ditched or shrunk. But maybe, just maybe, this time it’s for real.