It looks like Intel is already planning their push into DDR3 memory technologies with a set of chipsets for late 2007.

X38 is the enthusiast top notch chipset scheduled for a Q3 2007 introduction. This is intended to replace the 975X chipset. It served us well but it lived too long. It cannot support DDR 2 memory at 1066, and we see that as a problem for enthusiasts. It supports PCIe 2.0, 2×16 PCIe graphic slots, DDR 3 memory at 1333 and a Quad core support. The high end chipset supports DDR 3 memory only so Intel wants to start the migration to DDR 3 only. It works matched with ICH9, ICH9R or ICH9DH.

PCIe 2.0 should be twice as fast – at least on paper and theoretical throughput.

Last but not least is G35 Intel’s new integrated DirectX 10 hope. It is set to replace G965 in the upper integrated segment. It supports Intel Clear Video marchitecture and DX10. The board supports DDR 3 1066 or DDR2 800 and it works with FSB 1333 CPUs. All of the new four chipsets supports ICH9, ICH9R or ICH9DH. µ