The tech wizards at The Tech Report have compiled a review comparing the latest in Intel’s server/workstation line to the Socket-F AMD Opteron processors released earlier in the year.  They do a fantastic job looking at the power and performance of almost exactly configured systems and this article is definitely worth a read!

You might also want to see what the Tech Report found out about AMD’s upcoming processor plans since the merger with ATI. 

The server/workstation CPU picture may change soon when AMD’s new 65nm Opterons arrive. These 65nm chips could bring higher clock speeds and lower power use to some degree. However, AMD isn’t likely to catch up to Intel on performance until at least mid-2007, when its new quad-core Opterons with a revised microarchitecture arrive. Between now and then, the market will likely remain divided, with Xeons holding the undisputed performance crown and Opterons offering a nonetheless attractive mix of power-efficient performance.