Starting December 22nd, NVIDIA and their partners are giving away a component each and every day for a year

Every day for a year, between December 22nd, 2006 and December 21st, 2007, NVIDIA will give away one SLI-Ready component to someone with an SLI-Ready, or SLI-enabled PC.

Each day, NVIDIA will draw a winner and post the winner’s name here on SLIZONE.

Winners have exactly 7 days to contact NVIDIA and claim their prize – if they don’t, they lose the prize and it goes back into the hopper!

But you can’t win unless you register here – sign up and be sure to check back every day, beginning on Friday, December 22nd to see if your name has been selected! To register, see the instructions below.

What does SLI-Ready mean?
An SLI-Ready PC is a PC built using an SLI-Ready NVIDIA nForce motherboard, and one SLI-Ready GeForce powered graphics card

What does SLI-enabled mean?
An SLI-enabled PC is a PC consisting of an SLI-Ready NVIDIA nForce motherboard and TWO SLI-Ready graphics cards.

How do I become SLI-Ready?
Simply visit the SLI Marketplace and we can help you either upgrade your current PC or purchase a new SLI-Ready PC.