The ultimate providers of power supplies has been PC Power & Cooling.  With the new power hungry components that are popping up in high end systems everywhere, they went and made a new series of PSU.  Bjorn3D reviewed their newest, the 1kW-SR.  With a .98 Power Factor and 3 12V lines (two 18 amp and one 36 amp) you won’t run short on juice.
“Now I have a new configuration, running XFX 8800GTX cards in SLI along with a few other power hungry system goodies. The XFX 8800GTX(s) each require 2 PCI-E power connectors. I almost went with the PC Power and Cooling 1K Quad for this system, but was just a little concerned that the power supplied on each rail might not be adequate to meet the needs of the extremely power-hungry 8800GTXs. After discussing the mater with the professional staff at PC Power and Cooling, I decided to try out their brand new 1KW-SR.”

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