Do you remember that very unique Silverstone passive water cooling setup we saw at Computex last June?  Well it finally made its way out and has it on the testing block.

The SilverStone Tundra TD01 is a nice, well made product that would look at home in a HTPC setup. The silent, passive cooling is a welcome relief to the constant hiss of fans, and will be of special interest to HTPC owners as any background noise would take away from, say, watching a DVD.

The temperatures will fail to amaze most enthusiasts, but are more than acceptable in an environment where gaming and CPU intensive applications aren’t used. There are two versions of the Tundra; the TD01B and TD01S, with the first being black and the second silver so you can choose which on suits your setup. Overall the Tundra is a sound buy for anyone looking to silently cool their HTPC while adding a little style to their setup.