It looks like Newegg has received a shipment of AMD’s new Athlon FX-74, FX-72 and FX-70 processors and is preparing to offer them for sale very soon.  They are NOT available yet, but we’ll be checking’s site for you often and will update you if we find them. 

For now, you’ll ONLY be able to buy these CPUs in combination with the Asus L1N64-SLI motherboard; priced at $349 apparently.  The CPUs will be priced at $999, $799 and $599 for pairs of the 74s, 72s and 70s, respectively. 

If you were saving for these systems then you still have a chance to get them before Yule but it will be tight. Some systems have been available since AMD’s Quad launch date. We will let you know when Newegg decides to put this offer up. The firm has supplies and you can only hope these will last until you get there.

It is just a matter of hours. Our sources tell us that the boards and CPUs have alreday landed in Newegg’s backyard. µ