Taipei, Taiwan, 13 December 2006 — VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced full support for Microsoft Robotics Studio, a new Windows-based environment that simplifies the creation of robotics applications, across all VIA processor platforms and the acclaimed range of ultra compact VIA EPIA mainboards.  Whether for academic, hobbyist or commercial robots, the flexible VIA EPIA mainboards powering Microsoft Robotics Studio makes development easier for robotics designers.

Renowned for their compact form factor, robust performance, extensive feature sets and extremely low power consumption of as little as 9.3 watts in idle mode for the VIA Eden®-based EPIA CN10000E, VIA EPIA mainboards have served as central control platforms for a wide range of robotics systems, from autonomous vehicles with military or healthcare applications to digital household companions. Providing the convenience of an off-the shelf platform and packed with all the computing and digital media performance and connectivity required, VIA EPIA mainboards have become the platform of choice for robotics developers.