Over at OCMODSHOP, they’ve broken a sweat about Zelda: Twilight Princess and it’s not just because of the anticipation.  Using the Wiimote gives you a great workout while fishing, fighting and using ranged weapons, and it does it all without missing a beat when you try the special moves.  Read on to find out if this game will convince you to buy a Wii.
“But then a situation arises, several of the town’s children thinking they were braver then they actually were took off chasing some of the monkeys that have been causing all sorts of mischief. All but one of them has returned. Who shall rescue this child? Who indeed, because when it comes to righting the wrongs of the world, our man Link stands towards the top of heroic deeds mountain. And let’s just say kidnapping a child would fall into the realm of all bad deeds must be punished. So off he rides in true hero fashion and so begins what is arguably the greatest Zelda game ever made.”

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