Once again Zalman has lived up to their reputation and delivered a high-quality product.  The DC outputs were very stable, clean and remained within very tight tolerance.  The overall efficiency was very good and the heat pipe assisted cooling system did a good job while producing minimal noise.  EZ grip connectors, sleeved cables, and blue LED accent lighting are all icing on the cake.  And for the majority of power users and/or gamers who realistically need 300~400 watt output, the ZM600-HP will be a perfect match.  Overall, I really like this power supply — highly recommended!


The Zalman ZM600-HP is currently available with a MSRP of $159.99 USD.


Zalman ZM600-HP 600W Modular Heat Pipe Cooled PSU Review - Cases and Cooling  1



  • Up to 600 watts continuous DC output
  • Very solid, stable voltages (±3% at full load)
  • Excellent build quality and high efficiency
  • Quiet operation, virtually silent at lower power levels
  • Active PFC and Universal AC input
  • Quad +12V outputs up to 42A
  • Dual PCI-e 6-pin connectors (nVidia SLI Ready)
  • Modular peripheral device cables
  • EZ grip connectors with gold plated terminals
  • Internal blue LEDs and sleeved cables
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • How about a 5-year warranty… 🙂

For excellent performance and quality the Zalman ZM600-HP modular 600W power supply earns the PCPerspective Gold Award. 


Zalman ZM600-HP 600W Modular Heat Pipe Cooled PSU Review - Cases and Cooling  2


Zalman ZM600-HP Modular Heat Pipe Cooled PSU


I would like to thank our friends at Zalman-USA for sending us the ZM600-HP modular heat pipe cooled PSU to review — thanks!  The ZM600-HP is available from or you can use our price checking engine to find the best price on all Zalman products or anything else you may want to buy! 


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