Sitting around the $300 mark are 2 cards, one from nVidia and one from ATI and  [H]ard|OCP has put them in a head to head contest.   The 7950GT is based on the 90nm G71 core with 24 pixel shaders, 8 vertex shaders, and 16 ROPs with a clock speed of 550 MHz, and a 512 MB of 1.4 GHz DDR.  The ATI offering has a faster core and double the pixel shaders, but only half the memory.  Find out if there is a clear winner.
“Does Gigabyte’s GeForce 7950 GT equipped GV-NX795T512H-RH 512 MB have the right stuff to deliver the deadly blow to ATI’s RADEON X1900 XT 256 MB powerhouse? Will the extra 256MB of memory help?”

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