If you received a new PC for Christmas, whether in parts or fully assembled, you may have been daunted by the 63 Critical Updates a fresh XP SP2 system needs, not to mention other updates like .Net.  A member here, JustinC939, has complied SP2.5 for Windows XP, incorporating all 63 updates, IE7, WMP11 and more, and you can benefit from his work by stopping in at our forums.

If you are looking to show off your new rig, then the 3DMark2006 Hall of Fame is the place to head.  It incorporates several threads into one mega-post, and the competition is fierce.

Of course if the new rig is giving you grief, there are plenty here to help, from M2N-Es, to processor upgrades to MSI K8N Neo2s.  If you just got cash, then get over to the trading post, for a good deal on an AMD X2, or an X6800, and a lot more.  Of course you could just head to TLR, and speak your mind about warrant-less mail searching.