Digital Trends compares the LG Prada phone to the Apple iPhone.  While both have touch screens and are 2.5G GSM GPRS EDGE phones, the LG will be out sooner, and does not tie you into a contract with Cingular.  That may give it an edge in your mind, or not.  They follow up with a look at Ruckus, which is going about online music subscriptions in a very different way than iTunes, and will work with the Prada, and just about anything else.  They finish with some screen grabs, and a hypothesis that Apple may have been sniffing around a project Philips was working on some time ago.

“Shortly after the Apple iPhone was announced, LG electronics, the largest Korean Electronics Manufacturer, announced the Prada which on spec is better than the iPhone and will show up about 4 months sooner and will be more widely available in Europe. In addition I just became aware of a competing service to iTunes that’s growing like wildfire in schools: Ruckus. With an advertising based model for listening to music off of PCs, and a subscription that allows you to put music on your non-iPod music player, Ruckus costs a reasonable $5 a month for unlimited tracks. Growth is apparently near vertical and from what I’m told; iTunes isn’t even competing for this opportunity.”

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