ASUS has just released the A8Jr notebook, based on the Radeon X2300.  It is build to run Intel Core 2 Duo Processors on the 945PM Express Chipset.  It will be powerful enough to handle Vista’s Aero interface, if you are planning on switching to Vista, and is indeed the first to utilize the mobile Radeon X2300.

Taipei, Taiwan, January 22, 2007 —To accommodate the increasing demand on better graphic performance for mobile computing, ASUS presents the A8Jr notebook series incorporated with the latest visual processing capabilities. The slim and lightweight A8Jr will be based on Intel’s Core2 Duo processor and will be the world’s first notebook series to utilize ATI’s Mobility Radeon™X2300 GPU for stunning and crisp graphics.

“There is an ever-increasing demand for higher graphic processing power and crisper graphics for entertainment and applications alike,” says David Cummings, director of marketing, Graphics Products Group, AMD. “Our answer to that demand is the X2300 GPU. This GPU utilizes patented technology to increase processing power and provide the user with smooth, realistic hi-resolution graphics.”

… and from VR-Zone, we receive hints about a new series of R600 cards, likely named X2800.  This card has some serious power behind it, but can ATI get it out before nVidia’s new cards hit the street?

“It seems like ATi has successfully taped out a A15 silicon that is able to work at 1GHz probably we can hope to see another series of R600 cards with higher working clocks in the near future. The article suggests ATi’s next generation R680 is scheduled for Q3 launch but suggested that NVIDIA will have G81 and the next gen. GPU ready to compete.

According to our sources but still a rumor revealed R600 as X2800 series. There are 2 variants for XTX; 1GB and 512MB. X2800XTX runs at 750MHz core, 2.2GHz memory, 512-bit memory interface and GDDR4 while XT runs at 600MHz core, 1.8GHz memory, 512-bit memory interface and GDDR3.