LAS VEGAS (January 9, 2006) — Today Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high performance computer products, announced immediate availability of its TurboFlash Family of ReadyBoost™ capable USB drives.  Microsoft®‘s new ReadyBoost technology allows the use of a removable flash memory device to improve Windows Vista system performance by acting as cache memory.

Corsair’s TurboFlash takes full advantage of Microsoft’s new ReadyBoost flash technology concept to help improve system performance for Windows Vista™ – the next generation of Windows client operating system.  Although adding system memory (RAM) is often the best way to improve your PC’s performance, Corsair’s TurboFlash can boost system performance by retaining data the system can quickly store and retrieve to maximize PC responsiveness.  Data stored on a flash memory device can be accessed much more quickly than data kept on the hard disk.  Corsair’s TurboFlash also provides reliable encrypted protection of the data stored on it to prevent inappropriate access. TurboFlash is validated by Microsoft to be fully Windows ReadyBoost compliant and is compatible on all versions of Windows Vista.