Gothic 3 sounded like an incredible game.  It was to be a lot like Oblivion, but with a world you could influence in a much larger way than in the Elder Scrolls.  It also seems to have driven one reviewer in grief counseling from the appearance of certain problems when trying to play, and the crushing disappointment of not being able to play.  Read the full article at Gamehelper to see what happened.
“There are many other horrible aspects I can mention, such as ambient sound or sound effects randomly disappearing from the game, a clunky interface, lack of a cursor or targeting icon, poor collision detection; but there are also good aspects I didn’t mention, like a unique leveling system, an engrossing story, and the high levels of interactivity. It’s all moot though; performance issues with the game are rampant and prevent long-term fun. I wanted to play this game so badly, but cannot recommend it to anyone.”

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