We got the news during CES that the 45nm shrink of Core 2 Duo, code named Penryn, was already up and running, and booting Windows XP on its first revision of silicon.  Well tonight I have news that the Penryn processors have in fact been able to boot Windows Vista, Linux and Apple Max OS-X as well!  Getting a brand new processor spin on a brand new process technology (first 45nm from Intel) running this stable so early paints a good picture on Intel’s future into 2007 as Intel is probably going to be able to bring in the Penryn release date by as much as 8 weeks, according to a source I spoke with.  Intel has plans to ramp to three full 300mm fabs in 2008, no top it all off. 

Does this spell trouble for AMD, who is just now getting 65nm parts out into the channel?  Join in some discussion on this news here!

Since late June, we have introduced almost 30 (29) server, desktop and laptop processors based on the Core Microarchitecture, with the majority coming earlier to market than we first forecasted to our customers.  Nine of those are quad-core server and desktop processors for in just over two months since our first launch.