ExtremeTech has posted a review of the HP LP3065, a nice 30″ widescreen display.  It boasts a lot of unique features, but runs about the same price as a pair of 24″ displays, so you may want to think carefully before you run out to buy it.
“Now Hewlett-Packard is stepping into the fray, offering its own spin on the ultra-high, ultra-large desktop display. Like the competition, the new HP LP3065 display offers a native resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. Also like those other displays, the LP3065 lacks a built-in video processor. Color, gamma, and other settings need to be set through the video card. The only control built into the unit is a brightness control.

However, the HP unit does offer something unique: three dual-link DVI inputs, each capable of supporting HDCP. The new monitor also offers a wider color gamut, rated at 92% of NTSC (most LCDs are typically around 70-80% of the NTSC color gamut.) And HP manages to do this while still using fluorescent backlighting, rather than something exotic, like LED backlighting. ”

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