Believe it not, this year’s CES is actually shaping up to be quite a busy one for me.  Not because of some elaborate launch plans from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel, but mostly because of the alarmingly high amount of meetings that I have setup for a three day time span.  Currently I am 28 — that’s nearly 10 a day and considering all the issues involved with getting around the city of Las Vegas in a timely fashion, I have a feeling I am going to be doing quite a bit of sprinting.

If you haven’t looked at the recent articles on the site, you should.  We have the Killer NIC review up, a new product from a company called Bigfoot Networks that promises to bring higher frame rates and faster ping times to your online gaming.  I also recently finished a review of the BFG Tech 8800 GTS card in single and in SLI configurations — it might be the best card for your dollar this new year.  Lee finished up a review of the Fatal1ty case from Zalman as well as a 700 watt power supply from OCZ., both of which got pretty positive reviews. 

David Pohl, a guest author from German, put up a very good article that summarizes his research in ray tracing in modern games, and how close we can get to real-time ray tracing with Intel’s quad-core QX6700 processor.  If you are a tech-nerd like the rest of us, this article is definitely worth the time.

We should have plenty of content coming in the next several months in cooling, power, motherboards, GPUs, notebooks and more!  With CES around the corner, you can be sure that hte news is going to pick up quite a bit as well!