[H]ard|OCP reviews a new 975X board from ASUS.  The P5B-E is much like the Deluxe version that is out already, especially when it comes to overclocking.  With 450MHz FSB within reach, this motherboard offers a lot for a small price.  Even without a second PCI-E 16x slot, there are a lot of extras on this board, so give it a look.  There were some oddities during the testing stage, keep an eye on this thread in their forums, if you are planning on purchasing one.

“As a mainstream style follow up to their award winning Intel 975X based board, ASUS released the P5B-E on to the market. The little brother to the P5W DH Deluxe, the P5B-E seems to be able to hang just fine with the big boys.”

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