The VIZO Igloo allows you to jump into watercooling your CPU, with no muss or fuss.  As is normal with self-contained devices, you can’t really expect performance on the level of a fully designed solution, but even with that in mind Bjorn3D felt there should be more from the Igloo.
“Back in late October of 2006, VIZO Technology Corp and their product development team released a product which many would consider past-due: a self-contained liquid cooled CPU heatsink and fan. That’s right, an all-in-one CPU cooler which has an integrated water-cooling pump, reservoir, and fan, and manages to consume no more space than the average aftermarket cooler. VIZO even beat all of the others to the market, but since they are a relatively small name in the advertising-fueled industry, their product went nearly unnoticed. Even major web technology tabloids made the mistake of awarding a product released over a month later as the first; but forgetting to inquire upon the facts is not uncommon for web tabloids.”

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