The Habu gaming mouse is the product of a joint venture between Microsoft and Razer.  It has all that you would expect, like on the fly DPI adjustments and multiple buttons.  It also has some extras like the ability to move the buttons, and it swings both ways so lefties can use it.  If you like your mouse to glow, the side rails and mouse wheel will attract you, as it did in ExtremeTech’s case.
“And from the looks and feel of it, the Habu may very well have been worth the wait (or frustration that is). It possesses plenty of features common among good gaming mice, such as on-the-fly DPI switching (400, 800, 1600, 2000) and seven buttons to play around with. Its software is the most advanced we’ve seen come from Razer and Microsoft, offering plenty of tweaking options like adjusting the polling rate, reassigning buttons, and even recording up to five profiles…and that’s just the start.”

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