DigiTimes reports on upcoming SSD’s that wil be available soon.  In addition to the speed and Mean Time Before Failure benefits, these drives will be compatible with Vista’s ReadyBoost.  These guys aren’t just for laptops!
“The upcoming RiDATA-brand SSD will come in two memory densities — 16GB and 32GB. Lin said a 64GB version is coming online this year but the exact available date is not yet decided. Already sourcing NAND flash chips from Samsung Electronics, Lin said Samsung will remain the company’s major chip supplier in 2007, though he did not reveal details about the chip supplier of this SSD.

This SSD will come in two sizes, 1.8- and 2.5-inch, and both ATA and IDE interfaces are supported. With leading memory application makers such as SanDisk targeting NAND-based SSD to notebook OEM/ODMs, Lin said Ritek is offering its SSD to both ODM vendors and channel customers. Ritek will focus on the same sales channel it uses in the optical disc/drive business.”

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