The first time [H]ard|OCP reviewed a Systemax system, the Hellcat, things didn’t turn out so well.  Systemax contacted them, and even dropped by their forums to address concerns that members had, and ended up promising to improve.  Now, they have sent their TigerShark system to [H] for review.  As is their wont, this is a full review, from purchasing through to tech support, by way of benchmarking, so drop by and see what Systemax managed to change.

If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, then Ryan has a special treat for you, a brand new Hardware Leaderboard!  The most shocking thing is a drop of $300 in the Dream System, without changing any of the components.

“Our last experience with Systemax was less than stellar, but the company was brave enough to allow us to perform another evaluation in the future. The company leadership expressed concern and promised changes after our last evaluation, so we’re interested to see if anything has changed.”

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