The OCZFlexXLC Edition 1150MHz DDR2 modules run at 5-5-5-18 out of the box and support up to 2.4v.  What this means is TweakTown managed to push them to 1200MHz DDR2 at 5-9-9-24, using both passive cooling and watercooling.  The benefits of having watercooled RAM seem to apply more to the longevity of the DIMMS than it does to extreme overclocking.
“Companies like OCZ, Corsair and Crucial have really made some names for themselves with modules breaking into the 1000MHz+ DDR barrier, and today we are about to show off some of the latest enthusiast memory from one of these companies, namely OCZ.

Today we have the FlexXLC Edition memory modules designed to run at 1150MHz DDR or 575MHz out of the box using a few memory voltage tweaks along with some really innovative cooling. So come and see just what OCZ’s latest memory modules have to offer.”

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