Ever thought about trying open office, for yourself or maybe for a small company?  Read on to get an idea of experiences forum members have had.  Need some advice on setting up an FTP server?  No problems!  You can even stream for yourself, from your PC to an XBox360.  64 bit OSs are getting more mature, but what is the best AntiVirus program to use with one?  Get the most speed out of your internet connection with these collected tips from forum speed demonsFixing background noise on an A8N32 is simple with the help from this thread.  Intel’s move to 45nm has generated some buzz, so drop by; you might learn something.  Figuring out HDMI, and whether cards currently claiming to be compliant really are can drive you nuts, so let us help you.

Maybe you have an opinion on spanking?  The Lightning Round wants your input!  At The Trading Post we’ve got members selling a lapped E6300, watercooling radiators and lots more.

That’s just a glimpse of what is up on the forums, you have to visit them to see it all!