The Alienware Area 51 is an absolute monster and honestly I wasn’t prepared for the sheer size and weight of it when it arrived at my door. The whole box weighs 70 lbs. with all the accessories and hardware inside. It’s definitely not light so you may need a second hand to help you with it through your door. With the gargantuan proportions of the Area 51’s carton, the shipping fee almost seems like a bargain.

Alienware Area 51 7500 Gaming System Review - Systems 47

Inside the box is a Logitech G15 gamer keyboard, a G5 laser mouse, a Alienware branded FUNC mouse pad, software, manuals, and an Alienware T-shirt. The keyboard and mouse are optional accessories you can bundle with your system when ordering from Alienware. Also included with the Area 51 7500 are all the DVI-VGA adaptors needed for all four DVI ports (you will only get two if you have a single video card).

Alienware Area 51 7500 Gaming System Review - Systems 48

There is no installable software included with the Area 51 7500, instead all you have are Respawn discs which restores your Area 51 system back to its factory state. The Respawn CDs cost an extra $30 which some can interpret as a saving if you can go without it, or an extra expense if you need it. In a faux-leather wallet, you get a quick installation guide and a manifest of the system you just ordered.

In the bottom portion of the shipping container is the Alienware Area 51 7500 braced in large foam supports. The Area 51 we received has a watercooler already preinstalled and nothing leaked or came loose during shipping. Kudos to Alienware for making everything secure during shipping.

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