Join The Tech Report in a look at a new board based on the new 690G chipset from AMD, MSI’s K9AGM2.  These new boards won’t be for sale for a few weeks yet, but you can get a good look at what to expect.  Among the features you will see are 24 PCIe lanes, although 4 are dedicated to the chipset interconnect.  As well, the integrated graphics take a big jump, they use the X1250 graphics core, based on the Radeon X700.

You can see Ryan’s take on this new board at the top of the page.
“In acquiring ATI, AMD gained control over not only one of its more aggressive chipset partners, but also one of the big two in PC graphics. With that asset now in its pocket, it was only a matter of time before AMD rolled out a new chipset with integrated graphics for Athlon processors. Today that chipset arrives as the AMD 690G, which packs a familiar SB600 south bridge paired with a new Radeon X1250 graphics core with four DirectX 9-class pixel pipelines. How well does the 690G stack up against the competition? Read on to find out.”

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