HotHardware has a review of a pair of very closely related cards.  The HIS Radeon X1650 XT iSilence II runs at the frequencies specified by ATI and the HIS Radeon X1650 XT IceQ Turbo runs just a bit faster.  These pair offer a nice choice, you can have a silent card for about $150 or trade in the silence for a little more oomph and pay around $200.  Of course the 1950 Pro is much faster and not much more expensive that the Turbo, so you may want to keep that in mind.
“Each card comes with its own main selling points. The iSilence II, as its name suggests, is completely silent and devoid of any moving parts in its integrated cooling solution. The IceQ Turbo version, on the other hand, sheds silence for speed, coming in with higher clock speeds on both GPU and RAM and a hefty HSF cooler to keep temperatures in check.”

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